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Auto Insurance in Burlington Ontario For You

Any auto accident, even a fender bender, can have a significant financial impact if you are not properly protected. MacDowell Insurance Brokers can help you be prepared if other drivers or the weather gives you a nasty surprise. You may choose the minimum third-party liability coverage and accident benefits coverage required by Ontario law, but do you know if you need more? Our brokers can help you find the right car insurance at our Burlington, Ontario office. Depend on our expertise to provide you with a plan that protects you from collision, theft, vandalism and other liabilities.
We can connect you with auto insurance in Burlington to protect all of your vehicles, from snowmobiles to luxury cars.

Auto Insurance in Burlington For Personal and Commercial Needs

When you are looking for affordable personal or commercial auto insurance in the Burlington area, MacDowell Insurance Brokers offers a variety of coverage types offered by a range of respected insurance partners. For one or multiple vehicles, our experts make accurate assessments to help you drive with peace of mind. Consult with us about:
  • Personal Auto Insurance: Whether you want the minimum legal coverage or more comprehensive coverage, we can help you locate the right plan.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Your commercial fleet deserves the best protection possible; we'll help you save on costs and find an affordable plan that covers all your vehicles.

Auto Insurance for Your Special Vehicles

The selection of auto insurance at MacDowell Insurance Brokers in Burlington goes beyond coverage for the car or truck you drive every day. We are also ready for the particular insurance needs for the specialty vehicles you enjoy on and off the road. A snowmobile for winter trails or a restored classic for summer auto shows, our expert brokers take every detail into account to tailor protection for your vehicle. Contact us about your insurance needs, including for:
  • Recreational Vehicles: Ask us about the right insurance plan to cover your ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles, so you can enjoy yourself in the outdoors without worrying about loss or damage.
  • Luxury and Vintage Vehicles: Your luxury vehicle requires a plan as specialized as the vehicle itself; our experienced brokers can help you get the right coverage.

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